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About Us
About us
Who is Inspire lighting? Inspire lighting is the trademark of our own factory manufacturer. Since 2008 we have been exporting low voltage landscape lighting fixtures and systems all over North America. We are the very first Chinese company owns UL certification of classic brass landscape lightings and our mission is to keep providing highest safety and quality standard products to America. Why Inspire Lighting? 1.Your Responsible Vendor Nowadays buying direct from china is super popular among American companies. Yes, it is a high return business but also comes with more risk. The first step to guarantee your business becomes successful is to choose a responsible vendor as Inspire lighting chasing for long term partnership with customers. We treasure the relationship with all our customers and our reputation in this industry. 2.Your Experienced Vendor It is the beauty of Inspire lighting to provide stylish fixtures with up to five different materials, brass, copper, stainless steel, aluminum and composite. We have working experience with US based manufacturers, wholesalers, franchises and contractors. 3.Your strong Backup Most of companies originally start from small. Inspire lighting is proud to help visionary companies with full backup. We have a complete supporting mechanism including free design drawing, market protection, tooling charge payback and rewards program to nourish our customers. Services General As a china based exporter, Inspire lighting believes the service quality is same important as product quality. During the whole business flow, Team members from Inspire lighting will track every service section since your first email to us. Distributors Distributors are the biggest customer group of Inspire Lighting .We are trying our best working harder to do smarter work and ease more pressure when distributors invest for inventories. Hereby are the points we care more for distributors 1.Design and market protection. A lot of distributors desire getting a distinguished product line absolutely different from their competitors. Inspire lighting provides free product design for customers and we provide serious design and market protection. Due to this reason, we only list classic fixture designs on our website. Most of modern and cooler fixtures are exclusively sold to certain distributors. 2.Faster Responding. All emails from our customers will be replied within 24hours and we will act quicker for distributors. All sales and service person from Inspire Lighting can speak English and familiar with international business flow. 3.Better payment terms. Inspire lighting is very glad to provide open account term to good credit record customers for inventory support. Contractors Some suppliers don’t like working with contractors because the orders are smaller and more difficult compared with distributors. Some contractors don’t want to buy from local importers because they are often ordering a lot of different items used for a specific project, such as fixtures, lamps, wires, tools, etc. Items in every order might different. Inspire lighting is glad to work for some contractors because it is more close to end user and we can learn more about market requirements. If we find the order from contractor is not worth directly importing from china, we will ask our local distributor to help. Here are the points we care more for contractors. 1.Know more and learn more Our knowledge in this industry mainly covers lighting fixtures, LED lamps, transformers, wiring, etc. We can help most of contractor’s requests to combine different items in one order. There are still having some blanks when doing the service. We are patient to learn more knowledge through doing service in order to do a better job in future. 2.Professional sourcing service We believe no company can produce every item for contractors. So professional souring service is very important. We are very glad to share our knowing of other Chinese supplier and we are very happy to act as a purchasing agency of our customer. 3.One stop international Logistics Service A lot of contactors have no idea how to deal with customs clearance and international logistics. Inspire Lighting is able to provide all logistics service from our factory to your warehouse.